Your CRM system is your secret weapon. It's the beating heart of any customer company, and a million-dollar asset that is often under-utilised. For many businesses, with the nature of the sales process changing so fast and with constant pressure on team sizes and sales effectiveness, supercharging CRM becomes a priority.

Spark had been a customer for over 10 years. As part of the wider digitisation initiative, a bold change programme was set up to migrate from other vendors and consolidate SME, Corporate and Wholesale CRM systems onto a unified platform. Spark used the Salesforce Ignite process to help build a roadmap for the future...

Lifting Your Analytics Game 

Whatever your business, "Knowing Your Customer" is a critical foundation of both growth and retention. Using a combination of standard features and 3rd party integrations, the Sales Automation Squad at Spark completely transformed the way customer data was presented around the opportunity. Live product holdings, billing information, sophisticated whitespace analysis, aged debtor status and even non-core sales data like NPS scores were integrated to give the sales team a complete view of the real-time customer relationship. All delivered in Agile sprints, using bi-weekly platform releases. This relentless focus by the Squad on 'truly useful' customer information created one of the most dynamic implementations anywhere in the APAC Region:

  • Supporting 1,100+ users and 150k+ head-party customer accounts

  • The first large corporates in NZ to successfully migrate to the 'Lightning UI'

  • Comprehensive Salesforce WAVE/Analytics Cloud implementation

  • Dynamic integration with Siebel

  • Pardot marketing automation integration for b2b campaign execution

  • WalkMe deployment for digital adoption and guided-selling

knowme screenshot.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-04 at 1.39.10 PM.png

Power of Predictive: Next Best Action 

Knowing your Customer is a powerful way to understand the broader context for customer conversations. Used properly, it can make every customer conversation better. But the same data can also be used predictively: to guide the sales person and their customer to the next best conversation, or action. Using proprietary algorithms to merge available data, the Spark Sales Automation Squad integrated the Next Best Action (NBA) feature into the Lightning UI - giving the sales team clear recommendations on the products and services the customer was most likely to buy. In the example dashboard below, the customer's mobile plan is due to expire and an upgrade to a Rollover plan is suggested. The 'Priority Score' of 6 is the propensity to accept the offer (1-10), and the analytics to the right show data behind the decision.


One of the first uses for NBA was to look at high-risk mobile accounts that were expiring. In the first 8 weeks of use, NBA helped to deliver over $1M of re-sign revenue from customers who - the data suggested - were almost certain to churn.


Mark has worked with Salesforce as both a customer and ISV Partner for the past 15 years. He also has experience with Adobe and LinkedIn platforms for Sales and Marketing Automation - a combination of platforms that create a massive opportunity for companies to drive the velocity and effectiveness of their sales operations.