First: Finding Your Edge

Brands need transformation also. In 2017 Spark launched their "Little Can Be Huge" brand positioning that became a great success with award-winning consumer advertising campaigns. But the very human story telling of the master brand was not resonating with Spark's business customers: they needed something to connect Spark's purpose to their day-to-day challenge of running a successful business in a rapidly changing world.

The Business Team at Spark developed the 'Edge' positioning to give the brand focus and power in a specific business context - allowing emotive storytelling to be aligned to real business needs.

To Help All New Zealanders Win Big In A Digital World (Spark Purpose) 


Giving Businesses An Edge Everyday (Business Brand Positioning)

The 'Find Your Edge' campaign launched in January 2018 and the impacts we immediate: for the first time in over 3 years, Spark's Business Brand metrics started to improve, driven by a clear and consistent delivery of the Edge message across all media:


  • Awareness +2%, Consideration +7%, Impact +9%, Market NPS +4%.​

Then: Driverless Car

Once Spark had established Edge as a credible business proposition in market, it needed to be substantiated by demonstrating how Spark could add unique value to New Zealand business. Despite being the largest IT services provider in NZ, customers were telling Spark that they did not see them as innovative. Proof points we were needed, and the rapidly emerging space of 5G became the perfect demonstration of Spark's commitment to the future:

"Spark is truly helping NZ businesses find their Edge        through the latest technology"

The Driverless Car campaign launched in March 2019 with a fully integrated campaign that used a powerful new thought leadership website called Spark Lab as the hub of the innovation story. This is the second part of the Spark Business Brand story, and brand metrics continue to grow:


  • Awareness +3%, Consideration +10%, Cut-through +6%, web traffic +400%

  • Over $1.5m of attributed revenue in IoT and Cloud Services

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